Courses offered at the KAU Biology Department cover various aspects of biology from the molecular level to systems ecology. We also offer biology didactics education within the Teacher Education Program.

Our research and postgraduate studies focus on fluvial systems, from small streams to large rivers, with a particular emphasis on solving real-world conservation problems for aquatic species.  Recent large projects have focused on fish migration and fish passage, life history research on migratory species, winter ecology, forest-stream interactions, and fish-mussel host-parasite ecosystems. Our state-of-the-art stream aquarium facility allows us to conduct basic research year-round, to link ecological theory with our applied research. We also have a strong research group for biology didactics.

Karlstad University is situated on the shore of Lake Vänern, in the forested province of Värmland. It is an excellent outdoor laboratory, with unlimited research and recreation opportunities.