PBS - Problembased School Development

Problem-based — knowledge-based — school development is based on the meeting between research and practice, a meeting that will produce new experiences and learnings. New questions will result in new domains to develope. This web-site is about that meeting. It will due to that continuously change and expand...

Findings so far:

  • School development is problem-based.
  • School development is facilitated if teachers and school leaders are involved in problem based learning about problems and dilemmas that the school has to handle.
  • The process of school development is supported by knowledge-based problem solving.
  • A deepened understanding of the problem is an important point of departure for learning.
  • Teachers' learning about the problems of their daily work is the core of the development process.
  • The quality of a school depends on how problems are understood and defined and on the quality of the problem solving process, that is, how knowledge is transferred into actions.
  • The understanding of the character of problems is dependent on the conception of the mission of the school in relation to changes in the surrounding world.

Hans-Åke Scherp is the director of research and the chief of the development projects. Together with his colleagues he organises meetings between practitioners and the research.