Mechatronics 2014

The 14th Mechatronics Forum International Conference

Karlstad, Sweden, June 16-18

"Celebrating 25 years of Mechatronics Forum conferences"

The Mechatronics 2014 conference was held June 16-18 in Karlstad, Sweden.

Thank you all for coming and we hope you had a safe journey home. We are looking forward to meeting you all again at Mechatronics 2016 in Loughborough, UK.

We wish to convey our thanks to all the paper reviewers. Reviewers often carry out their work relatively in the background. They spend often precious time to help improve the papers. We also want to thank the audience - in particular presenting authors and session moderators.


Printed proceedings now available.


Keynote speeches: The Keynote talks were delivered by four distinguished speakers:

Prof. David Bradley presented “Mechatronics – Past, Present and Future”,

Prof. Robert Gao “Intelligent Mechatronics for Advanced Manufacturing”,

Prof. Shigeki Sugano “Human Symbiotic Robot - Design and Human Interaction”,

Prof. Rüdiger Dillmann “Status and recent progress towards interactive cognitive robot systems”.

General information:

The main venue of the conference this time was the Karlstad University campus, with some activities at the Karlstad Congress & Culture Centre, centrally located in Karlstad at the river Klarälven (Sweden's longest river). Karlstad is served by direct high-speed trains from Stockholm and Gothenburg. Karlstad Airport (KSD) has scheduled flights from/to Stockholm and some European cities including Frankfurt. Delegates arriving at Karlstad KSD on Sunday were offered joint transport to the main hotels. Transport between the hotels and the university was also provided.

The conference took place from Monday 16th of June until Wednesday 18th of June (welcoming reception on Sunday 15th and Conference Dinner hosted by the City of Karlstad on Tuesday 17th). Saturday 21st (after the conference) was Swedish Midsummer festival. This timing made it possible for delegates to combine business with pleasure.

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Conference Chairs:

Professor Leo J De Vin, Karlstad University & University of Skövde

Dr Jorge Solis, Karlstad University

Dr Amos Ng, University of Skövde

Industrial Chair: Erik Lundqvist, Robot Valley

Conference fees:

Early bird (see registration page): SEK 4900 (6125 incl. VAT)

Ordinary: SEK 5400 (6750 incl. VAT)

Student: SEK 3900 (4875 incl VAT)

Industry day (industrialists only) SEK 2250 (2813 incl VAT)

Please note that for most of you, the amount mentioned on the registration form (link will follow soon) is incl VAT. This is due to regulations from the Swedish Tax Authorities. However, the VAT is reimbursed at the end of the year. Hence, when you draw up your budget then the amount without VAT can be used, but payment will have to be including VAT.

Conference Proceedings and Scope:

The conference proceedings were distributed on USB to the conference delegates and printed copies can be ordered directly from Curran Associates Inc For Table of Contents preview: Proceedings general info and index.

The scope of the conference covers any of the mechatronics disciplines, in particular but not exclusively:

  • Controlled mechanical systems, robots, and adaptronics: modelling and simulation, control, sensing and image processing, path planning and gait control; artificial intelligence in robotics; experimental realization and very advanced industrial applications.
  • Drives and actuators: employing electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, or other principles; novel or very advanced solutions, their modelling, simulation and control and novel applications.
  • Sensors, measurement systems and signal processing: pattern recognition: novel sensor principles, sensors and actuators in micro-systems, sensing of small quantities, sensor systems, wireless sensing, sensor fusion.
  • Control of mechatronic systems: new and advanced control algorithms, learning control, control in an information rich world, control of complex processes, uncertainty management in highly complex systems.
  • Industrial wireless communications in mechatronics: wireless sensor and actuator networks, wireless networked control systems, wireless robotics.
  • Mechatronic design: case studies, model based mechatronic design, system modelling, UML or SysML, mechatronic design aspects of large complex systems, mechatronic design of mixed reality environments.
  • Mechatronic education: teaching of mechatronic aspects, mechatronic curricula, unconventional courses.
  • Human aspects and mechatronics: Cobots, mechatronic solutions to support an ageing population, interdisciplinary collaboration in mechatronic design, operator roles in complex mechatronic systems, mechatronics in healthcare and surgery.
  • Wireless positioning, e.g. Estimation Techniques, Robust signal processing, Position estimation in harsh propagation environments, Position estimation and/or tracking of moving objects, 3D positioning, Application reports.
  • Mechatronics for environmental sustainability

Mini-symposia (special tracks)

Apart from the Keynote presentations and regular paper sessions, a number of mini-symposia took place at the conference:

  • Mechatronics & Design for All
  • Wireless Positioning
  • Simplified Robot Mechanisms for Complex Tasks
  • Intelligent Robots
  • Mechatronic System Design


Conference Chairs can be contacted through:

Leo and Jorge: firstname.surname(at) (please omit the space in Leo's surname)

Amos: firstname.surname(at)