Christer Clerwall

Assistant professor in Media and communication studies


Current research

I am currently working on the project Algorithms and media organizations, where I focus on automation in newswork. I am specifically interested in algorithmic news ("robot journalism") and how it may affect, or influence, the news industri, journalistic practice, and journalistic content. The project is fundend by Anne-Marie and Gustaf Ander's foundation for media research (


Short biography

In April 2009 I defended my disseration "Behind the Web" which, in summary, is a study of how different kinds of conditions for production, influences the form and content of Swedish university web sites.

My primary area of interest is media production, but since 2009 the focus has been on online, or digital, journalism.

In short, you could say that I am driven by the question "Why does it become like this?" - e.g. What happens with journalism (as well the journalistic content as the journalistic practice) when it "moves" to a digital context.

Utvalda publikationer:

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I teach in many different areas, but since 2011 I would say that my teching is focused around basic theory courses in Media and communication studies, research methodology (mostly quantitative - surveys, content analysis, basic statistics), supervising student essays (for bachelor degree mostly) and, to certain extent, media production (web production).