Centre for Regional Studies

The Centre for Regional Studies (CRS) is an cross-disciplinary research center for research on  societal and scientific challenges for the past, present and future in regional contexts.

It is affiliated with a PhD research school and a master's programme.The researchers and doctoral students linked to the centre represent a broad spectre of disciplines: political science, human geography, history, sociology, social work, environmental studies, biology, gender studies, tourism studies and risk and environmental studies.

Through cross-disciplinary research, the CRS investigates processes and changes that cause or prevent uneven regional and sustainable development and asymmetrical power relations. This research considers current and historical trends and perspectives for the future.The research projects involve understanding and comparing change processes in time and space and how these can be controlled in an age characterised by regionalisation and globalisation.

CRS bridges society and science. The ambition is to contribute to societal change. Cooperation with stakeholders and research communication is thus an important component of our activities.

Research is also pursued in cooperation with other researchers and environments at Karlstad University as well as with other higher educational institutions in Sweden and abroad.